"Pick 'n' Mix" MegaBox of Biscuits

"Pick 'n' Mix" MegaBox of Biscuits


A large 300g box (approximately 30 biscuits) of your dogs favourite treats.  Choose either cheesy grins, mint-lamb, sweet potato snaps, sardine snappers, apple & cheddar crackers and peanut butter cookies. You could also order a mixture of all the above.

Cheesy Grins. Contents: Wheat, oats, Parmesan cheese, egg. Analysis: Protein 12%, Oils 8%, Fibre 7%, Ash 2%, Moisture 12%.

Mini-lamb Bones. Contents: Wheat, lamb, egg. Analysis: Protein 10.8%, Oils 10.6%, Fibre 2.7%, Ash 2%, Moisture 12.5%.

Sweet Potato Snaps. Contents: Sweet potato, oats, egg. Analysis: Protein 1.4%, Oils 1.2%, Fibre 8.7%, Ash 2.3%, Moisture 12%.

Sardine Snappers. Contents: Oats, Sardines, tomato puree. Analysis: Protein 34.2%, Oils 9.8%, Fibres 12.2%, Ash 4.3%, Moisture 18.2%.

Apple & Cheddar Crackers. Contents: Oats, apple, vintage cheese. Analysis: Protein 10.2%, Oils 16.1%, Fibre 3.4%, Ash 2.8%, Moisture 14%.

Peanut Butter Cookies. Contents: Gluten-free flour, peanut butter, egg. Analysis: Protein 2%, Oils 15%, Fibre 3%, Ash 3%, Moisture 12%.

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