Caveat Emptor

Let the Buyer Beware! I keep harping on about legalities of the dog food industry but we are passionate about what we do and hate to see customers duped, misled or even lied to. I recently went into a local pet superstore and could not help but notice they have started selling what appear to be hand made healthy dog treats on the counter. A little digging and a look at the ingredients told me that they were not all they seemed to be, in fact they contained dextrose (sugar) and potassium sorbate (synthetic preservative), things that a maker of quality healthy  treats does not need to use. 

My advice is always read labels on items. If they are not labelled ask the seller what the ingredients are as they should always be on display, by law, somewhere on or near the product.  If they don't know or can't provide that info I'd advise walking away.


Kind regards


Mrs B

Paula Cassady-BishopComment