My Doggy Bloggy Gets off the Ground

Since the beginning of time, well 2010 when we started Mrs Bishop's Doggy Deli, I have been nagged about doing a blog. I have finally got round to it, I think. I was inspired to start it today mainly due to the fact that the first dogs with seasonal canine illness have been reported.

I suspect most dog owners know about this but in case you don't let me refresh your memories. Seasonal Canine Illness or SCI has been around since 2010 the same length of time we have been trading, but we aren't to blame, honest. In fact no one knows what the cause is, although it is suspected to be some kind of fungus.

The most common clinical signs are sickness, diarrhoea and lethargy typically experienced within 72 hours of walking in woodland. If you suspect your dog is showing signs of SCI then please contact your vet immediately.

At the moment it has only been reported in a few areas of woodland and monitoring is taking place  at the Sandringham Estate, Thetford Forest, Norfolk, Sherwood Forest  and Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire and Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. There is alot of information about this study and about the illness here. Although it seems to be limited to these areas the first reports are from dogs walked at Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire so it may be spreading, whatever 'it' is.

I think the best advice is if your dog gets sick within 72 hours of walking in woodland go to your vet. Don't stop enjoying the woods especially as they are so beautiful at this time of year, just be vigilant and keep dogs on a lead so you know where they are and what they are eating/drinking.




Paula Cassady-BishopComment