People may have noticed that we are running crowdfunding campaign in order to purchase a van. The campaign has rather flopped so far and I can't blame people not investing in us so I thought I'd write a few words about why we are doing this.

When we started the business in 2010 we had just a few hundred pounds to get it going. This money was my redundancy money from my old job at a college library. We didn't take out any loans and have got to where we are now, in a shop, without taking out any kind of funding at all. 

However we are at a standstill without taking out a loan. We would love to have staff and to expand our business that way. We can't get a loan though as the banks have no one to compare us to to see if we are worthy enough as we are fairly unique in a business sector that is dominated by huge pet food companies. We cannot ever compete with the big boys but we have a lot of mileage left in our business so we want to start selling around the country, hence the need for a corporate van to take us to events further afield.

We also want to give our customers something back for their faith in us and our products so decided to give crowdfunding a go. We can raise some cash for the business expansion as well as giving people some fabulous perks for their investment.

So if you can help find our campaign here and if not just share share share and you never know, we may have that van and then staff so we can at least try and compete with the big boys.

Paula Cassady-BishopComment