The Dog Treat Business

Every week without fail we are asked either by phone or email how to start a business making dog treats. |t never fails to make me angry. Why should we, an established business, built up from scratch with no help or advice, assist someone to start up as a rival? It took me years of hard work and research as well as heaps of money to get where I am today. So a few words to anyone wanting to start a business making dog treats.

For starters no matter how big or small you are, whether you make treats for charity, are a child making treats for pocket money or are a massive firm like Pedigree the same laws, regulations and rules apply, there are no exceptions. So failure to comply with any of the various laws could mean a £5000 fine and a possible criminal record.

You have to be registered with Trading Standards as a business operating in the animal feed sector or an R6 registration. If you use any part of an animal, even just eggs, you have to be an approved pet food plant which means having DEFRA involved. There are laboratory tests to be done on all products costing between £35 and £120 each product. There are laws involving packaging, weights and measures, distance selling (websites), HACCP plans, traceability etc etc.

So to anyone wanting to set up start doing research well in advance and make sure you have a large bank balance. There is more to it than making some treats in your kitchen to sell at the local church hall, in fact it could cost you £5000.


Till next time.


Paula Cassady-BishopComment